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Want to know everything in the world? This program will help you to be informed with all latest news all over the world and will save time you spending while visiting your favorite news portals. You will see all latest headlines in your Internet Explorer while surfing the Internet. My Sidebar for MSIE will keep you connected: business, computer and entertainment news, web forums and picture galleries, internet auctions, stocks and blogs will always be near you. My Sidebar for MSIE is a syndicated content browser. It uses RSS, RDF, CDF, WDDX and ScriptingNews, an XML specifications used for distributing any assorted content like news, product announcements, discussion threads and other as information channels. Thousand sites of different trends use these specifications for content syndication. My Sidebar for MSIE uses this technology to get news headlines from the sites for you. This program supports RSS, RDF and OPML, an XML specifications used for distributing XML news feeds, so you will have a huge choice of news feeds. And there is no need to search for the feeds - My Sidebar for MSIE contains links to the most popular lists. My Sidebar for MSIE is a plug-in for Internet Explorer. It means that you do not need to learn how to use yet one application - just run Internet Explorer, click on the button and read the news while surfing in Internet. This program supports Netscape's and Mozilla's My Sidebar tabs. So, do not hesitate and click -Add tab to Netscape 6- button if you found this one on your favorite site! My Sidebar for MSIE can display any content that can display Internet Explorer. There is no need in special requirements for content providers. Latest news with FREE home delivery. Download My Sidebar for Internet Explorer NOW!

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